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As part of our aftercare portfolio Portpack offer a Global Spare Parts Service, by working closely with Freight Forwards we are able to provide our customers with competitive courier, sea-freight or air-freight quotations.

Our Aftercare personnel are able to create spare part packages that are tailored to our customers individual requirements, consideration will be given to the type/model of equipment held by the customer and their operational needs/requirements. A sample of our spare parts packages are detailed below.

Spare parts packages

Portpack UK Limited

Full Mechanical Overhaul Kit

Including components for weighers, air cylinders and pneumatics, bushes and bearings, bag grippers, slat conveyors

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Full mechanical Overhaul Kit

Portpack UK Limited

Air Cylinders

Inlet air cylinders, pan air cylinders, beam stabiliser cylinders, centre trunnion mountings, rear eye mountings, pneumatic fittings and pipe for cylinders

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Air Cylinder Kit

Portpack UK Limited

Bushes and Bearings

Pan door bearings, inlet gate bushes, shackle side bushes, pivot bearings, bearings for bag gripppers, piston rod end bush, flange bush

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Bushes and Bearings Kit

Portpack UK Limited

Bag Gripper

Air cylinder, rear eye mounting, solenoid valve, tubing nut, silencer, flexible jaw connection, grip rubber, isolation tap, bearings for bag grippper

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Bag Gripper Kit

Portpack UK Limited

Slat Conveyors

Slat conveyor chain assembly, bearings, sprockets or conveyor chain, connecting link, slats, sprockets

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Slat Conveyor Kits

Portpack UK Limited


Sensor kit - low level sensor
Weigher - proximity sensor, pan cylinder sensor, clamp for pan cylinder sensor, sensor cable
Bag  gripper - photo sensor, proximity sensor
Sticher - photo sensor

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Sensor Kit

Portpack UK Limited

Winch Lorry Loading Conveyor Mechanical Overhaul

Conveyor belt, flange bearing, take up bearing, roller

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Lorry Loading Conveyor Kit

Portpack UK Limited

Solenoid Valves and Plug Leads

3 station manifold assembly, solenoid valve, solenoid plug lead

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Solenoid Valves and Plug Lead Kit

In cases where components have become obsolete or are being phased out over a speified time period our personnel will suggest and source replacement components and advise the customer accordingly.

Portpack continue to advise our customers on retro-fits as and when they become available for our equipment.

Upon request our Aftercare personnel will provide customers with a list of spare parts for their equipment which are:-

1. Considered critical to minimise downtime
2. Are required to be replaced as part of a routine maintenance programme.

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