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Portpack's IBC2000 container is a retro-fit system to enable Big Bag (IBC - Intermediate Bulk Carrier) filling using the top container from an existing PP2000 Mobile Bagging Unit. The IBC2000 can be shipped as container cargo, is Lloyd's approved and CSC plated.

The IBC2000 equipment is constructed in a 9’6” container with spacer frame. Comprising of two bagging lines each with an adjustable feed spout raised and lowered by a manual rack and pinion system to accommodate different bag heights. This adjustable height allows bags of 500Kg and 1000Kg to be handled. A simple mechanical sash type clamp ensures that the neck of the bag is clamped in position on the spout ready for inflation, the inflation fans are capable of inflating the inner liner quickly prior to filling with product. Motorised roller conveyors remove the filled bags from the filling position, onto gravity roller tracks, the bags move under their own weight to accumulate outside the container for removal by fork truck and loaded onto waiting trucks or stored inside a warehouse area. 

The operator panel which is positioned adjacent to where the operator stands to fit and remove the bags from the filling spout, is interfaced with the weigher controls in the top container of the standard PP2000 unit, this controls the bag inflation prior to filling commencing, further inflation can be added if required during filling, followed by the initiation of the alternate multi dumping of the 50kg weigher discharges to give the total weight required, e.g. 10 x 50kg = 500kg, 20 x 50kg = 1,000kg, Upon completion of the required quantity the pre-set weighing cycle stops and the operator starts the motorised conveyor to power the filled bag away from the filling spout so the cycle can commence again.

The conveying lines can be arranged to feed the filled bags out of the front of the container side by side or out of each opposite end or a configuration of both layouts according to space availability.

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