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Portpack UK Limited


Portpack UK Limited offer both off and on-site training as part of our After Care Portfolio.

Off-site training is carried out at Portpack UK Limited’s premises based in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. The training programme consists of our technicians giving a presentation overview of the equipment, followed by hands on training on the equipment, then a Question and Answer session completes the training programme. Portpack's training programme encompasses key areas which ensure our customer's personnel are able to ensure the equipment is operated and maintained with a view to achieving the maximum performance possible. 

On-site training is offered, at that time our technician carries out the commissioning of the equipment or as a refresher programme at the customers premises, an overview of the equipment will be given by our technician, hands on training on the equipment will then be given , we recommend that our customers carry-out this training when material is available to enable the trainees to gain the full experience of what a discharge operation entails. Our technician will then encourage a Question and Answer session.

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