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As part of Portpack’s After Care Service’s we offer a six monthly or annual maintenance /service contract. 

The contract provides for a Portpack technician to attend the site to identify any issues that could have an adverse effect on the performance or accuracy of the equipment. Whilst on site the technician will carry out a preventative maintenance programme, settings of the equipment will be reviewed to ensure they are fully optimised, components will be examined for wear and tear and the equipment will be checked over to ensure it is providing accurate and consistent weighing. 

Following the visit our technician will produce a report of their findings, highlighting any problems found, special attention will be paid to settings and poor maintenance practices, advice will also be given on components that are considered to be worn and could give rise to future problems if not replaced. The report will include a maintenance checklist tailored for both the equipment and the type of operation.

Preventative maintenance and servicing help prevent unforeseen downtime, which could occur during a critical time in the customers operations. 

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