The main use of the Mobile Bagging unit is the direct discharge of bulk carriers in the port of arrival, with filled sealed bags being loaded directly onto trucks for onward distribution or delivery.

To meet this requirement Portpack supply equipment matched to the speed of the plant, such as Inclined Truck Loading conveyors each line capable of handling 24 x 50Kg (72 m.t.p.h.) bags (ie x 2 = 144 m.t.p.h. per unit). The Top Grab Load Hopper which fits on top of the upper container with a capacity of 12 cubic metres, Grabs extract material out of the ships hold directly into the Top Grab Load Hopper which then in turn feeds into Mobile Bagging unit.

Diesel Generators can be used to provide an independent power supply to the complete set of equipment.

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The reclaim of materials from stockpile is another application for which a Mobile Bagging unit can be utilised.

The stockpiles can be situated outside as is often the case with animal feed, or inside in the case of Fertilisers in a go down or warehouse.

For this application the Mobile Bagging unit is identical in specification to those used in direct discharge operations, it is the feeding of the material into the Mobile Bagging plant that differs, this is normally carried out using a ground loading hopper feeding into an inclined conveyor, which in turn feeds directly into the top container buffer hopper.

The Mobile Bagging units can be used inside factories to supplement existing Fixed Plant facilities, due to an increase in output of the plant, equipment failure, redundancy of existing plant, or to supplement silo bagging, the advantage being that no additional structural civils are required to integrate the Mobile Bagging plants. To provide instant bagging production, the units only require a material feed diverted into the unit.

We have supplied a number of Mobile Bagging units to fertiliser factories who have a seasonal requirement for increased output, and also to grain silos to enable them to bag externally from silos at the same time as the internal fixed plant is still operating.  

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